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Monoprice Select Mini V2 — Cura Network Plugin

This plugin for Cura enables network interoperability with Monoprice Select Mini V2 printers.

Plugin is compatible with Monoprice Select Mini V1 and Delta printers, with limited support ⁠—I do not own these.

This software is unofficial and not affiliated with Monoprice. Use at your own risk.


  1. Setup Wi-Fi on the printer, by following one of these methods.

    Once completed, the printer’s IP address should appear on the LCD screen. Example:

  2. Install Cura 4.4.0 or later.

How to install

How to use

  1. Update to Cura 4.7 or later. In earlier versions, you need to temporarily disable the UM3 Network Printing plugin to add the printer over the network. Go to Marketplace → Installed and disable UM3 Network Printing plugin. Restart Cura to apply changes.

  2. In Cura, go to Settings → Printer → Add Printer.

  3. Click Add printer by IP.

  4. Type network address and click Add.

  5. If connection is successful, the printer details are displayed. Click Connect.

  6. Click Next to select default Machine Settings.

  7. The printer is added. You may check the status of the printer in the Monitor tab.

  8. To start a print, slice a model and click Print over network.




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